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Adidas AdiStar Salvation 3 Review

First Impressions

The Adidas AdiStar Salvation 3 hit the stores for Fall/Winter 2011 billed as the company’s luxury performance trainer. Whatcha mean Adidas? Should I expect these shoes to come encrusted with jewels? Of course not. What you get in the AdiStar Salvation 3 is a product jammed full of performance features, built from lustrous materials and in an eye-catching color combination that should be the envy of any distance runner in the neighborhood.


Let’s start from the top on the AdiStar Salvation. The upper is constructed from a combination of synthetic mesh and plush microsuede. Run your hand along the toe and around the heel counter and wow, you really start to understand where the luxury description came from. My sample was a deep blue accented in bright red and silver. Definitely a unique and very welcome color combination. Reflective highlights wrap the shoe also adding to the Salvation’s luminous quality.

Upper: Synthetic mesh and microsuede
Sole: Continental rubber
Weight: 26 oz per pair

Underfoot, Adidas places approximately 34mm of heel cushion and 20mm of forefoot padding. For stability under the midfoot, the company employs a 3D arch support and torsion control insert. And the heel is split down the middle as part of the company’s Formotion system designed to aid transition from heel to toe.

All of this worked well for me in my daily runs. With 34mm of heel cushion, the AdiStar Salvation was easily the plushest feeling shoe in the test. At 26 ounces, they were also the heaviest, but they didn’t feel that way. In fact, exactly the opposite was true – the AdiStar Salvations felt much lighter.

One disappointment in the AdiStar Salvation was the Continental-brand rubber sole. Although it gripped well on dry surfaces, it couldn’t handle rain-slicked streets. I found myself sliding around when the roads were wet.


The AdiStar Salvations were comfortable right out of the box. Men’s size 11 fit perfectly. No need to go up or down from your normal athletic shoe size. Absolutely no complaints here.

Final Verdict

Great shoe. The luxury description fits surprisingly well. The AdiStar Salvations look great and fit well. They have just the right amount of cushion. And if it weren’t for the lack of grip on wet surfaces, they would be top of the heap. Still, I’d highly recommend the AdiStar Salvations where most of your miles are in dry climes.

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Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Adidas for providing product for this review. Written by Matt K.

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