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Native Triumph Review

First Impressions

Like the Subaru of eyewear, Natives look great and all come with one very specific feature whether you want it or not. In the case of Subaru, that feature is four-wheel drive. With Native, it’s polarization. Both companies do that one specific feature very well. And herein lays the reason for their popularity. Check the parking lot of any ski resort and you’ll find Subarus. Check the chairlifts and you’ll find Native eyewear, including the Triumph.


Native eyewear isn’t for just water and snow sports, although they work great for those applications. The polarized lenses cut glare extremely well while seemingly increasing visible light, significantly brightening terrain. On the downside, polarization can also cause moiré patterns when looking at the screens of electronic gadgets, so be aware of this fact when making your selection of cycling eyewear.

Frames: Impact resistant plastic (proprietary Rhyno-Tuff)
Lens: Polycarbonate
Fit: Medium to large

The Triumph is one of Native’s more entry-level products. It’s not available with interchangeable lenses (although you may still find kits on some retailers’ websites), and that keeps the price tag nicely below $100. The included lens works great and uses the same polarization technology as Native’s more expensive offerings. The styling is killer with wide temples that block ambient light.


Great fit. The Triumphs were designed for medium to large faces and fit perfectly.

Final Verdict

If you want a versatile pair of sunglasses for water and snow sports, cycling and around town, then the Natives are the ticket. The Triumphs deliver a real value with their sub-$100 price tag and great looking style. Recommended.

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