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Serfas Multi Tools

Over the past few years, there’s been a minor revolution in the multi-tool market. Manufacturers took those bulky hunks of metal containing a few hex-heads and screw drivers, and turned them into colorful miniature works of art brimming with a dozen tools or more. Serfas is one company that excelled in this area. The company’s ST line of products contains eight different offerings, the latest of which come in a striking black/gold/stainless color scheme. We recently had the chance to check out three of the products. Here are the results.

Serfas ST-13I Mini-Tool

Serfas ST-13I

The Serfas ST product nomenclature is pretty easy to figure out. The number provides the tool count and the letter I is for “inflation.” At least that’s my theory. Assuming I got that right, the ST-13I name should be self-evident — 13 tools of various types and built-in inflation capabilities. By our count, the ST-13I includes seven allen keys, a phillips and standard head screwdriver, two Torx bits, the all important bottle opener and CO2 inflation. Not bad in a tool that measures only 2 inches long and weighs 3.375 ounces.

Serfas ST-15I Mini-Tool

Serfas ST-15I

At nearly 3.75 inches long, the ST-15I is a favorite amongst the Serfas line up. Although not the highest tool count in the line, it’s clearly the most versatile. Like the ST-13I, the ST-15I includes seven allen keys, the phillips and standard screwdrivers, and two Torx bits. But what sets the St-15I apart are the two tire irons and included tire repair kit (three glueless patches and sandpaper for roughing the tube surface locked away in a special holder). The overall construction of the composite tool body is excellent and keeps the weight just under four ounces. Really well done despite the missing bottle opener.

Serfas ST-17I Mini-Tool

Serfas ST-17I

The most cleverly designed of the Serfas mini-tools is the ST-17I. Serfas optimized this bad boy for chain breaking and wheel repair. It includes five allen keys, phillips and standard screwdrivers, two Torx bits, four spoke wrenches, two chain retainers, and a chain breaker. Add the inflation and that’s 17 tools in one. One of the coolest things about this tool is the way Serfas engineered the retainer for the included wrench — a small magnet keeps it from swinging around in your saddle bag. Very clever. Size-wise, it’s right in between the ST-13I and ST-15I at 2.5 inches long. Same on the weight end. The ST-17I comes in at 3.625 ounces.

Overall, Serfas killed it with these multi-tools. They’re small, lightweight and extremely versatile. Construction quality is excellent. Depending on your needs, one of these Serfas products should work for you. Give them a try and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Serfas for providing product for this review.

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