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Dolly Varden Willowmoc Pant Review

Willowmoc Pant

First Impressions

We first wrote about Dolly Varden Outdoor Clothing a few months ago when we reviewed their Roaring Fork shirt. Nice product from a relatively new entry into the outdoor apparel market. The Roaring Fork included some very interesting details and hidden features that made it unique amongst the fishing shirt set. And it arrived with a traveling companion in the form of a pair of camel-colored Willowmoc pants. After a bit of tailoring, we decided to give them a test on a two-week urban-inspired journey across the country.


The Dolly Varden Willowmoc is a mid-weight product made from a combination of stretch nylon, rayon and spandex. The fabric resists tearing, stains, water and provides a UPF of 50 according to the company.

The Willomoc weighs in at just over a pound for a men size medium. And Dolly Varden engineered no fewer than eight pockets into these cargo-style trousers. There are two standard hip pockets, two flap-covered rears and four on the legs. Two of the leg pockets are zippered cargos. The other two are smaller flap-covered units large enough for tippet spools and other accessories like, well, a cell phone, for instance.

Materials: 30% nylon 66% rayon 4% spandex
Weight: 17.25 oz (mens medium)

We chose the Willowmocs for a trip through Houston Texas to Columbus Ohio and from there to Washington, DC. Not your typical outdoor gear test, but pretty telling nonetheless. When massive tropical rainstorms held us up in Houston, the Willowmocs kept us dry. When food was spilled, they didn’t stain. When the luggage got lost, we were able to wear them worry-free for days. The pockets held cash, tickets, keys, phones, wallets and much more without problem.


The Willowmocs are comfortable from first wearing. The fabric has a nice give to it. There’s a gusset made of lighter weight fabric that guards against overheating. The legs tapper but don’t feel too constricting. And the only complaint is Willowmocs come only with one inseam size (hence the tailoring).

Final Verdict

One again, Dolly Varden created real winners with the Willowmoc pant. Functional and versatile, capable of handling a range of outdoor and urban challenges, I’d say. Available on the Dolly Varden website.

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