Despite what the groundhog saw, spring time arrived early in Northern California. And moderate morning temps make the switch to shorts and a long-sleeve top the preferred approach for an early run. Our pick for those quick dashes include the quarter/half zip. On colder days, we throw one on under a jacket. On those with more moderate temps, the top serves as the outer layer.

ASICS serves up two that can handle a range of spring conditions, the Speed Softshell Top and Thermopolis LT Half Zip.

ASICS Speed Softshell Top


We’re suckers for softshell fabrics at GearGuide. Just something about that stretch. From ski pants to jackets, lightweight outerwear and shorts. We have it all. That’s one of the reasons we were so excited to try the ASICS Speed Softshell Top. It comes in a 100 percent polyester stretch fabric in any color you like (as long as it’s black). Accents colors are bright yellow and can be found primarily at the neck and zipper. Stitching is flat for low abrasion and reflective details abound.
Asics Speed Soft Top
The ASICS Speed delivered solid wet weather performance. We pulled it on during a rare rain storm recently and found that it held up well in a moderate downpour. Fit, however, was another matter. ASICS cut the Speed to a very form-fitting contour. There’s room for a t-shirt underneath, but not much more. We’d prefer a little more room and less constriction. Size-up if you can.

ASICS Thermopolis LT Half Zip


With the Thermopolis LT Half Zip, ASICS serves up some real quality. As you can imagine, we have a bunch of quarter/half zips floating around GearGuide HQ. The Thermopolis LT stands as one of the best. The polyester and spandex fabric blend is just a touch heavier than most. It’s soft too. In fact, ASICS claims they make the Thermopolis LT Half Zip from their softest multi-weather fabric. Definitely has that quality feel.
Asics Thermopolis Half Zip-1
Fit-wise, the ASICS Thermopolis LT Half Zip is perfect. Not too big or too small. No constriction just perfection. Detailing is well done with reflective accents, brushed color for comfort and a small stash pocket just in case.

If you’re looking for a top notch half zip, definitely give the ASICS Thermopolis LT a try. It comes in five color options.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to ASICS for providing products for this review.

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