We love gear and outdoor sports. In particular, camping, hiking, fly fishing, running and skiing. We love to travel, to stand on mountain tops and alongside trout streams. We’re not cheap, but we’re also not brand snobs. We believe in value, utility and elegance in design. We look for those attributes in the gear we review.

What Makes Us Different

Over the past few years, retailing has moved increasingly online. That’s both a blessing and a curse. Selection and pricing have improved. But making a buying decision is more difficult, especially for outdoor gear. How do you tell if a tent is really big enough for two people, or does a sleeping bag have special features that make them more female friendly? It’s not easy making a choice from a glamour shot and a one paragraph description. GearGuide strives to fill in the gaps, to provide outdoor gear reviews that give more product details and photography to better inform your purchase decisions. We can’t – and won’t – review everything. But those items that we do review will be covered more in-depth than we’ve seen elsewhere.

How to Submit Gear for Review

If you are a PR person, manufacturer or retailer and wish to have an item reviewed by GearGuide, please connect with us via our Contact Us form. Let us know who you are by providing your company affiliation and contact information, and we’ll get back to you to confirm our interest, shipping info, etc. Thanks for your interest in GearGuide.

How We Do What We Do

Like I said, we can’t review everything. Much of the outdoor gear reviewed is purchased after extensive research and is for our own use. If we receive product from manufacturers for review, we disclose that in keeping with FTC guidelines.

Not everything makes it into the field before we publish the review. However, we will always apply our more than 40 years of outdoor experience to every review, and offer our honest impressions of in-field suitability based on that experience.

One note: we use affiliate links. Please patronize these companies to help us keep doing what we’re doing. We are confident in recommending them because of their business practices and our personal experiences with many of them.

Tools We Use

GearGuide employs a range of web publishing tools. For a partial list, click here.