First Impressions

Redington continues to get it right. With a philosophy that stresses value and performance, the company turns out some exceptionally well-build, bargain-priced gear. The Pursuit provides a perfect example of how Redington brings the two elements together. Two-piece rods go for less than $100 and four-piece rods retail for under $120. Outfits with reel, line and leader run $179. Despite the low cost, the Pursuit rods have features that are not commonly found on rods going for more than twice the price.

Redington Pursuit rods range in size from 7 ft. 6 in. to 10 feet, and line weights from 3 to 9. For this test, I received the 9 foot 5 weight rod along with the reel, line and leader that make up a full Pursuit outfit. Right out of the box, I couldn’t have been more impressed.


The Pursuit rod uses a blank in a shade of gold that’s reminiscent of bamboo. The guide wrappings are a golden brown highlighted with a touch of silver banding. The guides and hook keeper are chromed, and accent graphics are red. The cork grip, although ungraded, is nicely done with few, if any, voids. The reel seat is a deep russet wood. Overall, the Pursuit is darn handsome.

Action: Fast
Line weight: 5
Length: 9 ft
Weight: 3.2 oz
Warranty: Lifetime

The Pursuit uses tip-over-butt construction and the ferrules are finished with alignment dots, making it easy to match up sections on the stream. This feature is not found often in this price range and it’s a very nice touch.

The outfit includes a Pursuit reel and Rio fly line. I was as impressed with the reel as I was with the rod. The oversized and large arbor reel is cast, not machined, as expected for a product in this price range (sold separately, the Pursuit reel is priced just under $60). And the quality of construction feels top notch.


Redington bills the Pursuit as a fast action rod and it fishes that way. There’s less flex through the lower rod shaft when casting close in and at moderate distances. Short casts within 20 or 30 feet are very accurate. The same is true at longer distances. Overall, the rod inspires a ton of confidence and is able to place flies of just about any size right where you want them.

The Pursuit reel balances the rod perfectly and the included Rio Mainstream line performed well. Unfortunately, that Rio line doesn’t have a welded loop end. I understand this is one of those compromises necessary to meet a price point, but it still would be nice to have what’s now become a pretty standard feature on most lines.

Final Verdict

The Redington Pursuit is one of the best rods you can buy at the $100 price point. The quality of construction, cosmetics and fishing performance rival rods of twice the price. Recommended.

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Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Redington and Backbone Media for providing product for this review. Written by Matt K.