GSI Stemless Wine Glass

Quick Take Review

Last Christmas, I received a set of Reidel stemless wineglasses as a gift from my wife. They’re delicate and beautiful, and clean up easily in the dishwasher. Love them. Not suitable for use in the great outdoors, of course, but GSI makes a nice alternative for use around the campsite. We purchased eight of these for my Dad, an avid camper and fly fisherman, for Father’s Day this past year, and they’ve gotten a workout on several camping trips so far this season. The GSI glasses are pretty much indestructible made out of a plastic that’s BPA free.

Two criticisms. First, these glasses could be slightly more rounded similar to a traditional wineglass. The current design has a flat bottom. And second, they could be larger. They’re supposed to hold 10 ounces, but 16 ounces would be a definite improvement.


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