Want to take a quick shower at the end of a day in camp? Need to clean up the kids before hitting the rack? I love that idea. Unfortunately, the Reliance On Tap completely fails to deliver on this promise in just about every way.

My father bought the On Tap in preparation for a family camping trip this past summer. Out of the box, it seemed to fit the bill and worked fine in the backyard. In the field, it failed completely. The pump housing cracked, the gasket sealing the pump broke, and the pump froze making it impossible to use. Not wanting to give up, we tried a few repairs, a little WD-40 to lubricate the pump, some waterproof tape to seal the broken pump housing, you get the idea. Nothing could make this work for more than a few short bursts.

Upon return, my father contacted Reliance for a replacement under the company’s warranty. Reliance’s website states “All Reliance products are backed by a 5 year guarantee from the date of original purchase against defects in the materials and workmanship of the product. Reliance Products will replace any defective item with proof of purchase.” Once again, Reliance completely fails to execute on its promise. “We don’t have any in stock” was the response from customer service. Essentially, it was one of those old school, “there’s nothing I can do for your, sir” responses. Ultimately, the retailer refunded the purchase price.

Now in fairness, mechanical equipment like the On Tap doesn’t seem to be in Reliance’s wheelhouse. They primarily make big plastic jugs and tent pegs. My advice to them is to stick with that business. And if you’re looking for something like the On Tap, my advice to you is to look elsewhere.

That’s right, this product gets a big zero.


Reliance Shower

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. Written by Matt K.