Sure, there were tablets, digital cameras and GPS devices at CES. But in and amongst these well-hyped products from big-name manufacturers was some cool, inexpensive gear for the outdoors. I took a walk around the show floor and the CES FitnessTech pavilion and here’s a top 5 list.

Eye-Fi SD Card

Turns any digital camera into a network connected device. Comes with a utility that let’s you pre-configure hotspot connections, photo sharing and social media sites. I can imagine thru-hiking into town, dropping by the local coffee shop and instantly uploading all my photos straight onto the web, no PC required. Very cool.

Recon Instruments Goggles

These GPS equipped goggles are capable to showing real-time speed, longitude, altitude, vertical distance travelled, total distance travelled, chrono/stopwatch mode, a run-counter, temperature and time. Next-gen should have video, Bluetooth, maps and buddy tracking.


This unique flexible eight-legged product has a wide range of uses. Connect your GPS to your pack, your iPod to your bike, or your mobile phone to your dashboard. The larger size is designed to hold your iPad or other tablet computer. It’s made in the United Kingdom and available in the U.S. from a company called Breffo.

VistaQuest Waterproof HD-Camcorder

This small handheld camcorder is designed for the outdoors. 1080P quality, built-in LCD screen, carabineer clip on the bottom, cool colors, waterproof to 3 meters.. According to company reps at the show, it should hit the street at under $100. Sweet price. No photo available. Look for it in February 2011.

XShot Camera Extender

The XShot Camera Extender puts you in the picture. Just attached a camera to the universal mount, adjust the length of extension, set your auto-timer and snap the shot. It’s strong enough to hold most digital cameras and collapses to fit in a daypack or jacket pocket.

One note on all the above: I have not had a chance to test any of these products with the exception of the SpiderPodium (which has real utility). Depending on availability of review units, I will provide more full reports in the future.