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Winter time in Northern California can get cold. Okay, not your Northern Minnesota cold – but down into the 20s and 30s most mornings – which is when I’m putting my miles on. For me, that demands a running pant for warmth. And in my search for the perfect pair, I came across the Saucony Boston. Out of the box, the Saucony Boston pant delivers what I expect from Saucony, great form and function specifically for the athletic runner.


The Saucony Boston pant is a streamlined running pant. As such, it provides a fairly minimal set of essential features. Saucony constructs the Boston out of a moisture wicking synthetic fabric. It feels extremely soft and plush, not heavy and a nice switch from the typical hardshell nylon wind pant. Two small zippered slash pockets run up the hip. Don’t expect to cram large amounts of gear in them, they are just large enough for an MP3 player, keys, a pack of goo or beans, or one each of your running gloves. Two zippers at the ankles allow for easy on/off.


The Saucony Boston pant is just that – a pant – not a tight. Saucony bills the fit as loose, but it fits more trimly than that description would lead you to believe. Of course, the Boston pant isn’t as body hugging as a tight, but you will definitely not be swimming in these things. They do run a touch small, but not enough to go up a size from your norm.

Final Verdict

The Saucony Boston is an excellent pant for those colder winter mornings (and evenings). It’s a great alternative to the running tight which, frankly, most guys have no business wearing in the first place. And If you’re tired of the swish-swish of a nylon wind pant, the Saucony Boston pant delivers an excellent alternative.

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