First Impressions

The Ecco bills the Biom B as a “Natural Motion” shoe. Its minimal heel to toe drop of 9 mm, very flexible sole and light weight upper are all designed to promote a more natural running style.

Out of the box, the Biom B looks quite different from other running shoes. Visually appealing with a mesh upper in bright blue, the shoe has a molded plastic around the heel area that looks big and confining. However, when you squeeze the heel area it is very soft and pliable. The heel area and forefoot appear more separated than in other shoes. In most shoes, the sole looks like one continuous piece, here the heel and forefoot are very separate with the heel area appearing higher and the forefoot lower. The outside of the heel is angled up, not flat as in other shoes. The shoe looks less cushioned than my usual choices, not sure how I would like the feel.


The Ecco Biom B running shoe is very lightweight (less than 10 ounces) and is intended for those that want to adopt a more natural running style. I really liked the weight of the shoe. It feels much less clunky than traditional running shoes. The mesh upper helps reduce the weight of the shoe and really keeps the foot cool.

Included in the box is a training plan designed to insure that you stay injury free while changing to a new style of shoe.

I liked that, but I wished for more information. How is this shoe going to benefit me? The included plan gives very high level information about what the shoe will do (“. . .Biom give(s) you a very direct and dynamic running feeling with centered landing point under the heel, high flexibility in the forefoot and a close-to-the-ground construction.”). I watched the short video on the Ecco website, but was left with many questions and no where to get answers. The included training plan refers users to for more information, but this simply linked you back to the Ecco site.


The fit of the Ecco Biom is a bit narrower than other running shoes that I have worn, especially in the mid-foot and toebox. At first, I thought this would bother me, as I especially like a roomy toe area. However, the lightweight construction of the shoe makes the narrower fit acceptable. My feet did not feel bound by weighty materials, but were very comfortable with my toes able to move freely.

Weight: 10 oz.
Forefoot height: 19mm
Heel height: 28mm
Construction: Nylon upper, polyurethane midsole, thermoplastic polyurethane outsole

The flexibility of the shoe is very high. I liked how much more my feet could bend and move in this shoe, especially on hills or where the path was less than ideal. I felt like I had much greater maneuverability in this shoe than in other shoes I have run in. The design of the shoe does seem to put more pressure on the ball of the foot. After my first few outings, the ball of my foot was sore. This resolved with more wear of the shoes. I was careful to follow the training plan and the soreness in the ball of the foot was the only problem I encountered.

Final Verdict

Although the training plan and website are lacking in detail, the Ecco Biom B is a nice alternative to the traditional running shoe. The shoe looks and feels great on the foot. It’s comfortable and lightweight and I really enjoyed the increased flexibility. I tend to wear a fairly cushy shoe and this lacks the softness of my usual choices, but the lightness and flexibility compensated for what I thought would be a negative for this shoe.

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Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Ecco and Mullen for providing product for this review. Written by Cheryl K.