First Impressions

Triple Aught Design was established in 1997 and the company built an early following. Now they’re coming on strong with an expanded line up of men’s and women’s apparel and a range of packs and other gear. The company takes inspiration from founder Patrick Ma’s stint in the U.S. Army and delivers a cool blend of street-smart style and real outdoor utility. Triple Aught’s palettes are muted, their fabrics bombproof and construction is of a quality you’d expect from a company that’s serious about its gear.

I had the chance to try one of Triple Aught’s newest offerings – the Stealth Hoodie LT – and it’s one helluva softshell jacket.


Triple Aught builds the Stealth Hoodie LT out of Schoeller softshell fabric. It’s lightweight, flexible (not stiff like some lesser-quality fabrics), both wind and waterproof, and breathable. I found the jacket performed well in a variety of conditions, in the mountains, on the stream and around town.

In addition, the Stealth Hoodie LT boasts a range of features that make it extremely versatile. This jacket bristles with pockets. Pockets on the sleeves, pockets on the torso, pockets on the back, there are even pockets within pockets. By my count, there are no fewer than nine that cover the Stealth Hoodie LT. The torso pockets are placed to not interfere with a pack belt and do double duty as part of the jacket’s ventilation system. There’s also a pass-through port in the right torso pocket for your headphones, nice detail. The jacket does seem to be missing an interior pocket, but that’s only a minor criticism at this point.

Fabric: Schoeller c-change softshell
Waterproofing: 3XDry DWR
Weight: 1 lb. 9 oz.

Beyond the pockets, there is, of course, the hood. It’s helmet compatible and has a nice brim. It can be left out when not in use or rolled up for storage under a flap at the rear of the neck. Another nice touch.

And finally, for extra ruggedness, Triple Aught covers the sleeves from elbow to cuff with a double wall of Schoeller fabric. In my book, that detail is absolutely brilliant and will extend the life of the jacket immeasurably. Pit zips complete the package.


The Stealth Hoodie LT fits loosely and feels almost unconstructed. There’s plenty of room for layering which further increases the versatility of the jacket. Fit can be customized with the range of drawstrings and elastic tabs provided by Triple Aught. Adjustments abound at the waist, hood and cuff.

Final Verdict

The Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie LT is a dynamite jacket from a company that’s clearly serious about its gear. The choice of fabrics, well-thought-out design and construction rival that of similar products from any top-of-line manufacturer. If you’re in the market for a new softshell, the Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie LT deserves to be on your list.

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Note: In addition to the Stealth Hoodie LT, GearGuide also has a pair of the company’s Force 10 cargo shorts in review. So far, that product demonstrates the same bomber durability and innovative design as the Stealth Hoodie LT. Look for more on the Force 10 shorts in a future article.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Triple Aught Design for providing product for this review. Written by Matt K.