First Impressions

UK Gear has been around since 1993 but only recently entered the US market. The company develops its shoes in conjunction with The British Army’s Physical Training Corps for “the most demanding conditions on Earth” according to UK Gear website. Their latest product – the PT-1000 SC – provides a perfect example of this design philosophy. It’s designed to stand up to 1000 punishing road and trail miles.

I recently had the chance to try the PT-1000. Out of the box, the shoe’s gray, black and red color scheme, construction and materials look ready to take a military-class beating.


What do you expect from a shoe designed to go 1000 miles? Big, heavy, overbuilt? Well, the PT-1000 defies that approach with a surprisingly svelte design. The shoe just doesn’t look or feel that much different than a regular running shoe – and that’s a good thing in my book.

The upper is a combination of nylon mesh and synthetic leather. Underneath, the sole is covered with logos that identify key features of the shoe. NRG cushioning can be found in both the heel and forefoot. S+S identifies a rigid plastic plate located under the arch; it’s this feature in particular that makes the PT-1000 a stability shoe. And back at the heel, UK Gear places its RhinoPad compound for additional wear in this high-impact area.

Weight: 28 oz. per pair
Forefoot height: 20mm
Heel height: 32mm
Construction: Nylon/synthetic leather upper, Dureva midsole, carbon rubber outsole

On my early morning runs, the PT-1000 provided plenty of ventilation. The shoe felt very stiff and controlled. And after about 50 miles or so, the tread wear was almost imperceptible. The tread provided good grip on the road but was a little less confidence inspiring on the trail. On dirt and pea stone I was happy with its performance, but on gravel and rock the stiffness of the sole kept it from conforming sufficiently.


The PT-1000s run true to size so go with what typically works for you. The toe box provides plenty of room. And the lacing system and ankle run just slightly higher than is typical on a running shoe for additional stability and support. This makes for a more difficult entry than on most shoes.

Final Verdict

Nice shoe. The quality of construction and hard wearing sole are definite pluses. The shoe is stiff and offers lots of control, so if that’s what you like, definitely give these a try. I never found that control overbearing, but it’s definitely not your minimalist ride. Will it go 1000 miles? Unfortunately, I won’t be able to truly test that claim, but the UK Gear PT-1000 is certainly one tough shoe.

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Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to UK Gear for providing product for this review. Written by Matt K.