Primus Profile Stove & BBQ


Quick Take Review

Loading up the car for a camping weekend never ceases to surprise me. The SUV fills from floor to ceiling with gear to the point where there’s almost no room for the campers. Anything that simplifies the packing list is a good thing in my book. And something that can fill more than one role is even better. That’s the Primus Profile Stove & BBQ. Instead of packing a small grill and a traditional stove, you get both in something not much bigger than a couple of hardcover novels.

The Primus Profile divides the work area approximately 60/40 with 14 inches of grill complemented by a seven-inch burner. The grilling surface is a reinforced enameled aluminum. There’s a single heating element for one zone of cooking up to 11000 BTUs. It’s big enough for three to four good size steaks.

The burner is pretty compact in comparison. Larger pots will impinge on the grill or require you to drop the built-in windscreen. But the burner puts out sufficient heat (almost 10000 BTUs) to boil water and cook about anything very quickly. Both the grill and the burner are lined with stainless steel and clean up easily.

Weight: 12 lbs.
Fuel: Propane
Ignition: Piezoelectric
Dimensions: 23 x 5 x 13

The Primus Profile lights easily too. Located on the front are three controls – two to moderate heat and the piezoelectric ignition. Just turn on the gas (hose provided for connecting propane tanks of any size), turn on the element you want to light and twist the ignition. Even in stiff winds, the Primus started right up.

I like the Primus Profile’s compactness and utility. Many of the small BBQs we’ve used in the past are two or three times the size of the Profile and provide only moderately larger grilling surfaces. The burner is an added bonus. If you’re looking to simplify your camp cooking and packing experience, the Primus Profile is definitely something to seriously consider.


Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Primus and Pale Morning Media for providing product for this review. Written by Matt K.