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Coast LED Pro Pliers MultiTool

Multitools have been around in earnest since the mid-1980s. And in recent years, much of the innovation in the category has been targeted at reducing the weight, and adding style and color to these utility items.

Coast went the other way with the LED Pro Pocket Pliers. Instead of slimming down, Coast kept the LED Pro Pocket Pliers hefty at 9.5 ounces. While others added multiple fashion hues to their lines, Coast stuck with just stainless and black. That doesn’t mean that Coast didn’t innovate however. In fact, the company added a range of features to the Pro Pocket Pliers that make it a real standout in the category.


Four features define the Coast LED Pro Pocket Pliers. Chief among these are the product’s signature LED flashlights. Coast built two into the Pro Pocket Pliers. The first is located in the rear and the second is placed just behind the plier jaws and knife blade. This second LED puts light exactly where you need it when working with the tool. Great stuff!

Construction: 400 Series Stainless Steel
Grip: Sure-grip Rubber
Weight: 9.5 oz

Next up are two features that dramatically increase the tool’s usability – the rubberized grips and spring-loaded jaws. Coast inserted heavy duty pads all along the grip which prevent the tool from sliding around in your hand. The spring-loaded jaws make for easy one-handed operation.

And finally, Coast did a marvelous job with the overall ergonomics of the tool. It just feels great in the hand whether you’re using the pliers, the knife or other tools.


The way I count it, there are 14 tools in total on the Pro Pocket Pliers. These include: needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, bottle opener, can opener, Phillips screwdriver, small standard screwdriver, medium standard screwdriver, scissors, serrated knife, and two LED flashlights. The knife was plenty sharp out of the box, the scissors cut small items well, and the LED flashlights put sufficient light on small projects.

Final Verdict

One sweet multitool. Coast added innovations in all the right places with the LED Pro Pocket Pliers. Two flashlights, spring-loaded jaws, rubberized grips and great ergonomics make the Coast LED Pro Pocket Pliers tops in the category. For more information, visit Coast Portland.

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