First Impressions

Adidas Supernova Sequence 4

I have been wearing Adidas Supernova Sequence running shoes for a couple of years and have always been happy with the fit, performance and durability. The updated Sequence 4 is no exception. Out of the box? Great look! I get tired for “some color” on a white shoe. This version has a grey upper with purple accents. The Adidas logo is orange and the laces are a great purple and orange combo. The look is fresh and updated without being super flashy. A winner for me!


Until I switched to the Sequence 4, I had been running in a more minimalist shoe. While I enjoyed those and experienced no issues after the initial break-in period, my feet were so happy to slip into a more cushioned shoe. I have always enjoyed a shoe with a softer, more cushioned ride. I didn’t realize how much I missed that until I switched back to the Sequence.

The forefoot is made of Adidas’ adiPrene + which provides a cushioned ride without being overly soft. I love the feel of it on the ball of my foot, but still feel like I have great contact with the pavement. Additionally, the adiPrene+ holds up well. Over several months of running, the cushioned feel has not lessened. This shoe is slightly heavier (just over one ounce) than its predecessor, but the trade-off in cushioning seems worth it. The upper is a cool mesh that lets lots of air in to keep feet at a comfortable temperature.

Adidas promotes the shoe as having a “more flexible women’s specific midsole design” and the shoe does have a great feel on the pavement and other surfaces. I feel like I have plenty of flex whether on a flat, predictable surface or something more rugged. The included laces are great on this shoe. I often swap laces out because I hate shoes that become loose over the course of a run. These laces have just enough texture to stay tightly tied from start to finish.


Adidas shoes typically fit my feet well and the Sequence improves on things. The heel is narrow enough for a comfortable, unsloppy fit while the toebox is wide enough to accommodate my toes need for space. The improvement for me is how the laces are spaced. The lacing system seems more widely spaced across the top of the foot, making for less pressure across the instep. I can lace the shoes snugly and not worry about the top of my foot becoming sore. I found this shoe to be a great improvement in comfort for that single change.

Final Verdict

A great improvement on an already good shoe. The color combo is a winner (I like the Core Energy color as well), updated, but not overly flashy. The cushioning and comfortable ride outweigh any negatives with the slightly higher shoe weight. The overall fit and especially the lacing area ensure comfort over the long haul.

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Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Adidas for providing product for this review. Written by Cheryl K.