Speck FitFolio

Quick Take Review

With a new iPad as part of the GearGuide outdoor equipment arsenal, we recently started a search for a protective cover and case. A cover alone just isn’t enough protection in our humble opinion, so we explored a number of options. These included Apple’s Smart Cover combined with cases similar to the recently reviewed Odoyo Smart Coat X for the iPad 2 among many others. We liked the Odoyo’s cover lock feature which remains somewhat unique in the market but it’s not available for the new iPad. Forced to look elsewhere, we landed on a product from Palo Alto-based Speck – the FitFolio.

The FitFolio combines both a leather cover and integrated hardshell case. It’s a very nice and elegantly designed package. The case and cover adds 9.25 ounces to the new iPad but that extra weight is hardly noticeable especially when you consider the protection the product delivers. The FitFolio looks quite sleek although it is about five millimeters thicker than the Smart Cover/Smart Coat X option.

Weight: 9.25 oz
Material: Leather and hardshell plastic

The inside cover of the FitFolio doubles as a horizontal iPad stand. Speck placed four grooves in the microsuede lining allowing the iPad to rest at different angles. Three of the four of these worked perfectly well. But the groove closest to the exterior was unable to hold the iPad given the steep angle.

The cover also includes magnets to activate the iPad’s sleep function. These worked perfectly in our tests. And the plastic snap closure held the cover secure as well.

Overall, we found the Speck FitFolio to be a very worthy companion to the new iPad. Although it’s a little heavier and bulkier than other options, the FitFolio adds plenty of protection and looks very sleek. It’s also priced under $40 which makes it a significant value when compared to the price of an Apple Smart Cover alone. Nicely done, Speck!


Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. Written by Matt K.