First Impressions

Dual Eyewear came onto the cycling eyewear market last year with a handful of products. We initially reviewed the S4 and V6 and liked them. This year, the company greatly expanded its product line and now has nearly a dozen different styles, each with built-in magnification. The new M8 looks bold with wide, raked temples and glossy black finish. It’s a nice contrast from the company’s earlier, wispier styles.


The primary differentiator for our friends at Dual Eyewear is their use of built-in magnification. The company almost seamlessly blends the bi-focal into the lower part of the lens, making it very inconspicuous. We found the utility of the M8’s magnification (available in +1.5, +2.0, or +2.5) to be good although the focal length seemed to just a touch too short for me (I don’t typically wear reading glasses). Depending on your vision, the focal length could be just right for you.

Frames: Impact resistant plastic (Grilamid TR-90)
Lens: Polycarbonate
Fit: Medium

The M8 comes with a number of other features that allow it to adapt to various conditions. There’s a snap-in gasket that surrounds the inner frame. It’s made of a soft, foam-like plastic and helps seal out wind, dust and other flying debris. Remove the gasket for additional ventilation. The M8 also includes a lanyard to hold the glasses in place around the back of the head.


The M8s are designed for medium-sized faces and they fit well. No complaints.

Final Verdict

Nice pair of shades for mountain biking. Good looking too. If you could use a little extra magnification for that bar-mounted cycling computer, give these a shot.