First Impressions

Unlike Bollé, I had no previous experience with Gordini goggles prior to this test. The company’s gloves, however, were a different story. Their Fuse gloves have been in the GearGuide ski bag for years now. And they’ve delivered pretty much bombproof durability and warmth for those many seasons. Seeing how one manufacturer maintains consistent performance across multiple product categories is always fun to test. Enter the Gordini GLC E Frame goggle.


The Gordini GLC (short for Gordini Luxury Collection) arrived in a stunning white on black design known simply in the Gordini catalog as “ice.” It’s terrific looking. The E Frame designation denotes a medium to large fit. The company also makes an S Frame version for smaller faces.

The GLC E Frame comes with a Carl Zeiss lens in a light tint called clear flash mirror. That lens is designed for mostly low-light days and worked well in that environment. The lens is interchangeable and other tints are available.

Lens: Polycarbonate, interchangeable
Lens Tint: Gray
Lens Category: 2 (VLT 35%)
UV Protection: Yes

Field of view was very good, on par with other spherical lens products. So was venting. Gordini placed very large vents on the top of the goggle and smaller ones on the bottom. Both sets of vents along with those carved into the front lens helped keep things dry and fog free.


Gordini employs memory foam and a very soft almost fleece-like padding in the GLC E Frame. It’s very comfortable. The goggle also fit easily under our Smith Variant test helmet. No complaints on fit.

Final Verdict

The Gordini GLC E Frame delivers great anti-fog performance and very comfortable fit thanks to the use of large vents and fleece-like memory foam. The lens is best suited for lower light days, so if you’re looking for something for those conditions check out the “ice” version. For other conditions, purchase an additional lens.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Gordini and Turner PR for providing product for this review.