First Impressions

These might just be the best cold weather running glove on the market. Brooks loaded the Vapor Dry with tons of features and innovations. Everything about them is well thought out. And while others tend to provide nothing more than the bare essentials, the Vapor Dry gloves deliver much, much more.

Out of the box, the Brooks Vapor Dry looks top notch. The construction is quality work and the product stands up to all but the most extreme conditions for outdoor winter-time running.


I didn’t realize how many features you could cram onto a single glove until I picked up the Brooks Vapor Dry. The glove is made out of a lightweight stretch breathable fabric. The thumb alone includes three cool features. First, it has a built-in terry cloth backing to wipe away perspiration. Second, it boasts a tactile pad to make gripping your iPod and other stuff easier. And the third feature – a slit that allows you to expose just your thumb – should allow you to control even the finickiest MP3 player (or hitch a ride home).

On the rest of the fingers, there are sticky tactile patches to make for non-slip gripping of your water bottle or other item. Finally, to make sure you keep your gloves together, there’s a magnetic tab on each glove’s wrist to attach them after your run.


The Brooks Vapor run a touch small. Order one size up.

Final Verdict

I love these Vapor Dry gloves from Brooks. More features than I’ve ever seen in a glove before. Quality construction. Light weight. And they keep your hands warm too. If you’re looking for a glove for those cold winter morning/evening runs, buy these.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. Originally published in November 2010. Updated February 2013. Written by Matt K.