Quick Take Review

Back in October, we published a review of the Polar Bottle 20 – one of the company’s original insulated sports bottles. We were definitely impressed with the company’s BPA and phthalate-free product which was perfect for cycling and other outdoor pursuits. When we were offered the opportunity to check out Polar Bottle’s first stainless steel offering, we couldn’t turn it down.

The new ThermaLuxe from Polar Bottle is a vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle that works great for both hot and cold beverages. Polar Bottle builds the product from 18/8 stainless and coats the interior with a BPA-free and phthalate-free liner so you don’t get metallic tastes in your liquids. The top is the same used in the Polar Bottle’s Ergo Bottle. It requires only a half twist to open the spill-free lid for drinking.

Material: Stainless steel
Weight: 13 oz
Capacity: 21 oz

We used the ThermaLuxe primarily for cold liquids. The company claims the product will keep things cool for 24 hours. After 12 hours, we routinely found beverages still frosty inside the ThermaLuxe – often with ice still pretty much intact. Nicely done.

The lid worked perfectly in our tests. It was easy to drink from and, when closed, never spilled a drop.

At 21 ounces, the ThermaLuxe is a touch heavy. Some single-walled stainless bottles hover under four ounces as a comparison. However, none of those have the insulation provided by the ThermaLuxe. It’s also a touch expensive at just under $40 MSRP. But few products have risen as quickly to must-have status within GearGuide HQ. With outstanding insulating properties and its spill-proof lid, the Polar Bottle ThermaLuxe is a definite winner.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Polar Bottle for providing product for this review. If you have a question or suggestion, drop us a line via the comment section below.