First Impressions

Out of the box, the Gargoyles Striker Sunglasses catch your eye. Sleek and athletic looking, they pull up tight at the top of your nose bridge and offer a great visual experience with sharp clarity and a wrap-around view. The nylon frames are lightweight and snug. My first impression was very positive!


The flexible wrap-around frame, which promises 210 degrees of pure sight extension, delivers with great resolution. I loved the increased vision. The lens tint gave a high definition look all around. The thermal cured scratch resistant lens hard coating, however, didn’t hold up well. I was surprised to get an early ding. When I took them running, I was a little disappointed with a slight bounce when I ran on hard surfaces. They did, however, hold up better on bike rides. Because of the snug fit, while working up a sweat, perspiration would collect just inside the top of the nose bridge.

Frame: Flexible nylon
Lens: 8-base EVS polycarbonate lenses
Fit: Medium to large


Without a lot of jarring movement, the Gargoyle Striker fit is great. They are lightweight and comfortably snug. They wrap around at just the right angles to offer a very pleasant visual experience.

Final Verdict

The Gargoyle Striker sunglasses get high marks on form, less so on athletic function. Nevertheless, you can get away with them if a game breaks out. They are also great for everyday wear barring any unforeseen ding.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Gargoyles for providing product for this review.