First Impressions

At GearGuide, we dig Native Eyewear’s use of polarization throughout its product line. The technology cuts glare, crisps up visuals, emboldens colors, and just generally makes things pop. Because of those advantages, we find ourselves gravitating to Native products for skiing and fishing. But that utility also translates into running eyewear like the company’s Nova product. In white with gray lenses, our sample cut a retro-wraparound look perfect for afternoon road runs.


The Native Novas feature the company’s trademark polarization which worked very well in our test glasses, cutting glare and improving visual acuity. The lenses cover the entire field of view and keep the wind from penetrating into the side of the glasses. The frames are thin and lightweight, with a small vent cut out at the temple. Native also builds vents into the top of the glasses to help prevent fogging.

Frame: Co-injected plastic (incorporates both hard and soft surfaces)
Lens: N3 polarized
Fit: Medium to large

Cam-action hinges snap into place and soft plastic padding keep the Nova’s comfortable and in place during hard workouts.


The Novas are sized for medium to large faces. Pretty accurate, I’d say. We’ve tried many Native products with that designation and they’ve always fit extremely well.

Final Verdict

Just like all the Native products we own, the Novas do not disappoint. Great styling, great versatility and great lens technology. Recommended.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Native and The Walton Works for providing product for this review.