Quick Take Review

If you hesitated to upgrade the stock pedals on your mountain bike, take the following steps immediately. Stop everything you’re doing, make your way to the nearest shop, take out your wallet and buy a pair of platform pedals like the Answer Rove FRs. That purchase may be the single more important upgrade to your trusty steed you can buy.

Over the past month or so, I’ve ridden the Answer pedals through all kinds of conditions. Up hill and down. Through creeks, mud and muck. On pavement and fire roads. And throughout it all, the Answers have gripped incredibly. The difference between the stock pedal that came with your bike and the Answer Rove is staggering. Whereas those stock pedals typically allow your feet to slide in every direction – often right off the platform – the Answer Rove’s 10 studs hold on tight.

Material: 6061 aluminum platform, steel axle
Weight: 16.5 oz

One of the downsides of some pedals, especially when tearing through mud, is that they tend to accumulate trail debris. Not so with the Answers, the wide gaps between the pedal sections ensure that very little sticks and stays.

Build quality is terrific. And although the Answer Rove pedals aren’t the lightest in the category, they also don’t add dramatically to the overall weight of the bike. The Answer Rove pedals also come in a range of colors include black, white, red and gold. MSRP is under $100.

Go out and get yourself a pair.

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