First Impressions

Yurbuds are relative newcomers to the headphone market having joined the fray in 2008. We’re just starting to see their products pop up on retailers shelves here locally. The company’s packaging features a photo of a women’s face with the word INSPIRE handwritten across it and the claim “guaranteed to never fall out” prominently displayed. We’ve heard that before and been disappointed. So when our sample Inspire Duro ear buds arrived, we couldn’t wait to put them to the test.


Yurbuds makes both an in-ear and over-the-ear product. The Inspire Duros are a an in-ear version and feature the company’s signature Twistlock technology. Place the Yurbuds in your ear and give them a quarter turn to lock them in place. At least, that’s the theory. How did it work in our tests, you ask? In a word, great! From the moment we slipped them into place, they didn’t budge. Rarely have I ever had a product that just worked exactly as claimed as easily as the Yurbuds.

Speaker diameter: 15 mm
Frequency range: 20 to 20,000 Hz
Cable length: 43 in

We also found the Yurbuds lived up to their claims in other areas too. The Inspire Duros delivered good resistance to moisture. They’re not designed for full immersion, but resistance to sweat and rain was good. Despite being fully in the ear, the Yurbuds did allow a surprising amount of ambient noise to penetrate which we like for safety reasons. However, one small annoyance was the echo-chamber sensation created by the Yurbud in-ear nibs. Yurbuds calls them “enhancers” and they do seem to help improve the acoustic properties of the earphones. But when running with the Yurbuds, I often got a hollow echo traveling through the enhancers corresponding to each stride. Not a big issue with the volume up.

In the Yurbud Inspire Duro package are two sets of enhancers for different size ears, wire clip for keeping the cord out of the way and a storage pouch.


The Inspire Duro ear buds look very large out of the box, but they fit perfectly into my ears. They’re made from a soft silicone material and were quite comfortable for long periods. Yurbuds provides a second size of enhancer for larger ears.

Final Verdict

The Yurbud Inspire Duros work as promised. The company’s Twistlock design does exactly what the Yurbuds claims and keeps the ear buds firmly in place during rigorous exercise. Recommended.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Yurbuds and Martz Agency for providing product for this review.