First Impressions

Tired of that sippy cup of a water bottle? Now’s your chance to replace it with a Camelbak Chute. We tried the 1L or 32 ounce version in Marina Blue and found it good looking and thoughtfully designed.


When you think of water bottles, what immediately comes to mind? For us, it’s the ubiquitous bite valves and straws that litter our storage cabinets, require special washing and frequent replacement. The Chute drops all that in favor of a simple medium-wide-mouth opening. Tip the Chute up and dump in the liquid. No sucking, just refreshment. Nice.

Material: BPA-free plastic
Capacity: 32 oz
Weight: 6 oz

Sure, there are other water bottles that eschew the valve and straw approach. But Camelbak hits the mark better than most. The opening is about an inch in diameter, just about right for flow. It’s angled and contoured to make for easy drinking and pouring. Where most bottle manufacturers would simply thread the lid around the opening, Camelbak used an internal threading instead. It’s clever and helps keep the Chute watertight.

Other features includes a lid retainer, an attach point for a carabineer, and graduated markings down the side to aid in mixing sports drinks and monitoring liquid intake.


The Chute does the trick. It holds enough for a couple of hours of activity. Well, actually, according to some hydration calculators, it’s not, but we were satisfied with the 32 ounce capacity.

Final Verdict

Although we’re not ready to completely discard our other water bottles just yet, the Chute may just have us convinced. We liked the well-thought-out design and easy drinkability. It comes in four colors currently and is a buck less than those other more complicated valve and straw bottles. What’s not to like?