Can you say blades? Holy Oleo Batman, that’s the Bolle Sixth Sense. These aggressive wrap-around shades come in a variety of colors and lens tints including a bright red and fire colored version. Our sample was a tiny bit more conservative in shiny black and gray with a photochromatic rose lens.

The Bolle Sixth Sense sunglasses cover a wide field of view. So wide, in fact, that the lens borders are almost out of your field of view. If that’s still not enough for you, Bolle includes a set of side wings to further extend the frame and protect from side glare and air infiltration.

Style: Blades
Lens: Photochromatic
Weight: 1 oz

Fit for the Bolle Sixth Sense was good. The design spans both medium and large heads but never felt oversized on our mostly medium pates. We found the lens tint and automatic adjustment for lighter or darker conditions to be ideal in our tests. We were able to wear the Bolle Sixth Sense products well past sun set. That versatility is good since these sunglasses do not have an interchangeable lens option.

The Bolle Sixth Sense weigh in at one ounce. We really appreciated that almost-not-there feel. Ventilation was also good, no fogging on our rides.Hard case and soft storage pouch included.

If you love the blade, these are your best option.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Bolle for providing products for this review.