Want to look like Bono on your next ride? Well then, the Tifosi Vogel might just be for you. These completely rimless shades are reminiscent of the Bulgari sunglasses preferred by the U2 front man. And they’re available in five different color and lens tint options. Our sample was pearl white with smoke gradient lenses.

These minimalist options were the lightest in our test at 0.875 ounces. They also had the lightest tint, essentially clear with a slight darkening toward to the top of the lens. That makes the Tifosi Vogels the glasses you can wear well after the sun sets. We found this to be the case in our late evening rides and liked having that flexibility.

Coverage of the Vogel lens is good too. The lens wraps around sufficiently to keep air from infiltrating.

Style: Frameless
Lens: Single tint, non-interchangeable
Weight: .875 oz

The temples are padded with a rubber-like material for grip. The nose piece is adjustable for a customized fit. We found it unnecessary to do much to the Vogels out of the box, they just fit and stayed in place during our rides.

Hard case and soft pouch included making the Vogel a real bargain at under $50 MSRP.

If you like that mod frameless look like our buddy Bono – and want a clear lens option – give these a shot.

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