Hunting for something to do in between storms this weekend? Well you might want to check out the Snow Days Family Fundraiser at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. The event continues through today at the venue which is located on the Marin Headlands in full view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We visited the event yesterday thanks to the invitation of Northstar ski resort. They cosponsored the event and provided the snow — which was strategically placed under a tent in the center of the museum grounds. If you’ve never been to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, go. The facility is made up of a series of renovated Army buildings from the old Fort Baker. It sits just beyond the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge on the Marin side of the Bay. The grounds are gorgeous and so are the views.

On the grounds, you’ll find a series of art studios, mazes, play structures, trees to climb and many tactile working exhibits. For the Family Fundraiser, the museum added the snow zone, an ice sculpture experience, snowman making, a train ride and more. These are all targeted to toddlers and children under eight. My tween-age traveling companions were a little out of the demographic but still managed to have a good time.

After two-and-a-half hours of climbing, jumping, sliding on snow and banging on ice blocks we retired for lunch at the next door Cavallo Point Lodge. This upscale hotel and spa encompasses the former officers residences and military barracks on Fort Baker and includes a restaurant and bar. The view from the patio of the main building stretches across the former parade ground – a massive lawn that stretches towards the bay and bridge. The wide porches make for a marvelous venue for an afternoon drink. And the exterior colonial revival architecture gives way to a completely renovated interior, and a nice warm spot for a meal.

If you’re in San Francisco Bay Area this weekend and are packing a toddler, visit Snow Days at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. If you’re looking for a great view and elegant spot for brunch, a drink, or of course, an overnight stay, visit Cavallo Point Lodge.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear story from GearGuide. And thanks to Northstar for the invitation to the event.