First Impressions

We first wrote about AKU boots back in 2012. We marveled at their out-of-the-box comfort and hand-crafted quality. The Bellamont Mid Plus sticks to that very familiar territory for AKU. Expert bootmaker 146855 made our sample boots in Romania and they arrived in the only color available, dark brown. Very sharp.


Out of the box, the Bellamont Mid Plus boots don’t disappoint. The product is part of the AKU’s mountain-inspired line. In other words, AKU designed the Bellamont Mid Plus’ for more urban wear than mountain trekking. “Outdoor style footwear for daily use” according to the company’s website. Cool.

Upper: Nubuck leather, rubber toe and heel reinforcements
Sole: Vibram Predator
Weight: 36 oz per pair (Mens size 10.5)

The Bellamonts actually come in several different styles. There’s the Mid Plus (aka boot) and the Plus, a more standard low-cut version. Within the Plus lineup, AKU provides nubuck, suede, suede GoreTex and air (fabric upper) options. These options also boast a very wide array of vibrant colors to choose from, however, you’ll need to look for those on your next trip to Europe as most of them won’t come to this side of the pond. Bummer.

All the Bellamonts use the same sole, a sticky Vibram Predator rubber that’s made from 30% recycled material. We found it sticky and light enough to run in. The toe and heel are protected with rubber wraps that helps improve wear. The insole is a combination of coconut fibers and latex.


Like the SL Trek GTX before it, the Bellamont fit perfectly right out of the box. Break-in time was negligible and we never experienced any hot spots or other problems. Support is good and the toe box had plenty of room. The coconut and latex footbed provided great comfort and support. No need to size up or down. Purchase your regular casual shoe size.

Final Verdict

AKU has another winner on its hands in the Bellamont Mid Plus. The mountain-inspired styling is great. It fits perfectly right out of the box. The sole provides plenty of grip, and it’s light enough to tear around town all day long. Only two things keep me from buying multiple pairs for my closet. First, they don’t come in enough colors (AKU please let the U.S. retailers have your brightly colored options) and second, the price. Although we honestly think the Bellamonts are worth it, they are spendy at $189 or more.