First Impressions

Looking for a pair of shorts to take you into the summer? Now is the perfect time to go hunting for something new. Shorts are all over retailers’ shelves. And I hit the local REI recently to find a pair to replace an aging set of Pranas that served me well over the past few seasons. What I found was a terrific addition to the outdoor wardrobe in the form of REI’s Igneo Short. Long, lean and stretchy set them apart from the rest.


REI promotes the Igneos as great for climbing and hiking. They should work well for wading streams too. REI constructs the Igneos from a lightweight nylon and spandex combination that sheds water and stains easily, and also dries quickly.

Materials: Nylon and spandex
Inseam: 14.5 in

The inseam is long at 14.5 inches and they cover all the upper leg. Not need to worry about errant branches scraping your thigh as you bushwack through the backcountry. In addition to quick drying, the fabric delivers amazing comfort. The shorts give and move with you easily. I never felt constricted in any way.

Igneos come in two subdued color choices – a dark khaki known as Tree Trunk and a deep gray (aka Coal).


Unlike a lot of shorts that come in just small, mediums, larges and the like, the Igneos come in standard waist sizes (even numbers from 30 to 40 inches). Thirty four is my normal waist size and the 34-inch Igneos fit perfect. No need to play around with sizing.

Final Verdict

The Igneos from REI are a worthy replacement for my aging Prana shorts. They’re also more flexible and comfortable thanks to the innovative nylon and spandex fabric. If you’re looking for a longer short for hiking, wading and generally hanging around this summer, give the REI Igneos a try. Available exclusively at REI.