Quick Take Review

Spun out of the cycling culture on the West Coast – San Francisco to be specific — Cadence offers a range of mostly soft goods for road biking and urban riding. Bibs and jerseys, jackets and caps dominate the company’s line. But you can also find the occasional water bottle and co-branded Ritchey hardware for your trusty stead. I received a note recently from one of Cadence’s reps urging me to try their new Raw Denim cycling jeans. Sounded good to me and a few days later a pair arrived at GearGuide HQ.

Cadence manufactures their Raw Denim jeans in the good ‘ol USA from a combination of cotton and Lycra. The fabric is thick and hard to the touch. Think Levi’s 501 turned up a notch or two. The Lycra isn’t really evident in the jeans until you put them on. Once on, they give just enough to increase riding comfort.

Cadence describes the fit of the Raw Denim jeans as “tapered.” I’d say it’s more like “skinny.” From riding and running my thighs and calves must be larger than the average Cadence jean wearer because the pants feel down-right restrictive. They also sit just below the waist. Although not necessary, a belt is most definitely recommended.

Fabric: 98% cotton, 2% Lycra
Fit: Tapered

Besides raw denim fabric, the Cadence jeans boast a few other cycling-specific features. The most notable is the double-seat reinforcement. Cadence designed it to provide additional wear and tear. I expected it to add weight and stiffness to my rear end. Surprisingly, however, it did no such thing and was quite comfortable while riding. Cadence finishes the Raw Denim jeans with a small belt patch for some added reflectivity.

All in all, not a bad multipurpose cycling pant. It definitely doesn’t scream “hey, I’m built for riding” and that’s a very good thing. Fit is a tad too tight for my taste and the standard 32-inch inseam just a bit long. Price is also up there at $110 MSRP. But, hey, they certainly will look right at home in your favorite biker or hipster bar.

Thanks to Cadence for providing the product for review. And thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide.