First Impressions

Recently, the GearGuide crew started a search for a cycling shoe that didn’t scream “cycling shoe.” Something that could be worn around town and the office but not look too geeky, as well as had reasonable performance on the ride to and from. We identified — after a little research — the Merrell Roust Fury, a slim-fitting, attractive commuter cycling shoe. It arrived within a few days of order from one of our favorite online retailers Sierra Trading Post. Merrell offers several color combos including a brown and a bright blue and yellow. We went with the conservative gray, green and black option known as Castle Rock.


The Merrell Roust Fury presents a striking low profile. The mesh upper breathes through two silver-gray materials on the left and right sides. Inboard Merrell places a tight pattern, almost screen-door-like in its weave. On the outboard side, the company uses a more traditional fabric and sport-shoe style mesh.

Materials:Synthetic leather, suede and mesh, foam sole
Weight: 19 oz (per pair, mens size 11)

Across the toe, Merrell employes a third type of mesh and wraps the forefront with a heavier, scuff-resistant material. Reflective dots accent the front as well.

Heavy-duty black and green aces ensure a snug fit. They criss-cross in a traditional pattern through eyelets until the fourth and fifth holes (which are replaced by two grossgrain tabs that connect to the arch for an even more secure fit.

The Merrell CycleTread sole is a light-weight foam. The density of the pattern collapses under the forefoot for best grip on pedals and spreads from there to the toe and heel for traction on pavement and other surfaces. We found the grip to be very good on city streets, and for general walking around. Pedal grip was also good on the Answer platforms we use most often.


The Merrell Roust Fury arrived at GearGuide HQ in size 11. From first wearing the fit was perfect. The shoe seems to envelop the foot, and made us wonder if it could stand up to a good ride. It sure seemed to in our tests. Pedal grip as stated earlier was decent and the Roust Fury never felt to flexible when riding around town.

Final Verdict

Got to say, the Merrell Roust Fury does not disappoint. It’s attractive and has enough street-wise style to get people talking. It’s comfortable, able to stand up to good walks around town and city riding. And we like the price. You can find them around the web — at places like Sierra Trading Post — for well under $100.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide.