First Impressions

I didn’t know much about St. Croix when I started shopping for a four piece, four weight fly rod. As I looked around, shopping online and catalogs I kept running across the Avid. It looked handsome in a translucent olive green. The price was right at between $200 and $300. But it was tough to find one on the West Coast. In fact, every local shop I called or visited pushed Winston, Sage and some Scott, telling me they were Western rods and St. Croix was East Coast. After what I’d read, though, I was convinced St. Croix was the ticket and I ordered online from Front Range Anglers in Boulder.

Out of the box, the rod lived up to my expectations, was of quality fit and finish and came with a rugged lined rod tube with individual pouches for each rod section and a small container of ferrule wax.


The rod is relatively light weight and finished, as I mentioned before, in a sharp-looking olive color. The guides are black and blend perfectly with the rod and its monochrome wrappings. The tip-over-butt ferrules are nicely finished out. (BTW, there’s a nice article on different rod ferrules on Midcurrent in case you’re interested).  

Action: Medium
Line weight: 4
Length: 8 ft 0 in
Weight: 3 oz
Warranty: Limited lifetime (some fees may apply)

The ebony wood reel seat (I believe this may have changed to woven graphite on newly minted Avids) also works well on this understated color scheme. And the grip is nicely done, although not as high quality as some.


I’ve fished this rod on small streams all over the American River watershed in the Sierras, in Utah and on the Gibbon and numerous creeks in Yellowstone Valley. I chose to pair it with a little mid-arbor reel and a Scientific Anglers Weight Forward Trout line, and this combination hasn’t ever let me down. The rod loads easily and can shoot line 20-30 feet without a problem. The shorter length works well in tight quarters. And the rod travels well in its custom-sized tube.

Final Verdict

Great low-key yet high-quality finishes. Performs well in every situation. And I caught one of the largest trout I’ve caught in a long time on the rod two weekends ago. What’s not to like?

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