Quick Take Review

At GearGuide, we started wearing Road IDs years ago. The original Wrist ID Sport was our first purchase and that product continues to serve us well today. Next up, the Wrist ID Elite entered service. We liked its use of a silicone rubber band and watch-like styling. Recently, we added the Wrist ID Slim to the gear arsenal and couldn’t be happier with this newest member of the Road ID family.

Road ID built previous versions of their Wrist IDs on wide bands. The Sport came in at one inch wide and the Elite was ¾ inches. That width allowed for six lines of information on the surgical stainless steel ID plate, plenty for emergency contact information and whatever motivational phrase you wanted. However, that width also made the Road ID mostly a special purpose item – something that you put on with your running shoes and removed at the end of your workout.

With the Wrist ID Slim, the Road ID enters the world of all day, everyday wear. It’s the width of a cause band, think LiveStrong or any number of other flavors that you see on arms everywhere. The Wrist ID wraps the band with a stainless surgical steel ID plate that can contain five lines of information.

Weight: 0.1 oz
Material: Surgical stainless steel, latex-free silicone

The Road ID website makes ordering your Wrist ID Slim – or whichever Road ID product you choose – super easy. The bands come in different sizes to match your wrist size. The site provides information on how to measure your wrist for a custom fit. Pick one of seven colors, or you can add the ID plate to the cause band already on your wrist. Extra bands are just $1.

Configuring the ID plate is also easy thanks to the Road ID website interface. As you type, it shows you what each of the five lines will look like on the final product. Nice.

These days, Road ID also has an interactive version available. For $9.99 a year (the first year is free with the product purchase) you get a personalized web page where you can place more detailed medical and contact information. A PIN code on the back of the Road ID Interactive allows emergency personnel to access the information.

Great product! We’re ordering them for the whole family. Order yours at www.roadid.com.


Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Road ID and Outside PR for providing product for this review. Written by Matt K.