Portland-based Dahlgren was founded in 1978, and continues to operate and produce their products all in the U.S.

Dahlgren’s point of difference in the market is their use of alpaca wool. For those who can’t tell and alpaca from an antelope, these small lama-like animals are natives of South America and provide superfine wool that’s soft, durable – three times stronger than worsted wool according to Dahlgren’s website – and a great insulator. Dahlgren uses it in all their socks including those meant for skiing, boarding, mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor sports. For this test, we received the Dahlgren Running Socks.

In the Running Socks, Dahlgren employs alpaca, Merino wool and 100% recycled polyester known as ECO-Dri. The alpaca and Merino absorb moisture, provide cushion and temperature regulation, while the polyester delivers wicking. We liked the tight fit and low profile of the Running Socks and all the above attributes were evident in our tests. The socks did a great job of keeping us cool and moving moisture away from our feet. The socks also wear tough and after many washings continue to hold up very well.

Materials: Alpaca, Merino, ECO-Dri polyester
Weight: 1.75 oz

The Running Sock is also very light. Coming in at 1.75 ounces, this Dahlgren product definitely didn’t weigh us down on our morning runs. In contrast, Dahlgren makes a Hiking Sock which we also had a chance to try recently. That product is very tough and very thick, an excellent offering which we liked for heavier-duty use. Nicely done, Dahlgren.


Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Dahlgren and On the Horizon Communications for providing product for this review. Written by Matt K.