First Impressions

Salomon continues its march into the skiing soft goods and accessories market with a range of new goggles this year, the company’s second in the segment. The XTend Pro12 ML is one of the Salomon’s top-of-the-line products and looks it. Out of the box, the XTend Pro12 boasts bold graphics – included the company’s redesigned logo stitched onto the band – and iridescent lens coatings that definitely put these goggles in your face.


Salomon builds the XTend Pro12s around a spherical lens that delivers a greater field of view than traditional goggles. Of the three goggles in this test – including the Bollé Gravity and Gordini GLC – the XTend Pro12s have the most progressive appearance. The lens wraps completely from top to bottom and side to side, minimizing the visible frame. Definitely cool.

This approach allows for additional ventilation not found on other goggles. There’s the standard vents on the top and bottom. And the XTend adds air scoops on the sides as well for even more flow. Very nice.

Lens: Polycarbonate
Lens Tint: Blue
Lens Category: 3 (VLT 16%)
UV Protection: Yes

The heavy tinting on the yellow-green solarized lens make the XTend Pro12 suitable primarily for full-sun days. The unfortunate downside of this goggle’s design approach is that it precludes the use of an interchangeable lens. Bummer.


Despite the outward overlarge look of the XTend Pro12, it fits like a standard goggle. The foam is soft and comfortable against the face. And it fit perfectly well under our Smith Variant test helmet.

Final Verdict

The Salomon XTend Pro12 is a great goggle for those full-sun days. The lack of an interchangeable lens does handicap it a bit, but we love the look and comfort. Well done Salomon.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Salomon and Outside Media for providing product for this review.