First Impressions

Out of the box the ASICS Thermopolis Unisex gloves slapped onto my hands faster than a high five after a game winning shot. The sleek black look with its terry cloth surface on the back thumb was stylish and soft to the touch. Just the right combination of fabric and size, my fingers fit snugly and comfortably. I was immediately surprised by my agile finger dexterity, so I knelt down and easily tied my shoe laces. The ASICS Thermopolis gloves made a very solid first impression.


Designed for any weather condition, the ASICS Thermopolis gloves were tested in frost like temperatures. The gloves kept my fingers well insulated from the get go. I would have no hesitation running with them in colder temperatures. The finger construction made for a snug fit. The mid-weight brushed fabric added comfort on the inside. The backhand is constructed to be windproof. Sure enough, the gloves blocked out the wind chill completely. My fingers were never cold. The terry cloth back thumb surface worked well for soft, easy wiping. A very cool feature is the pocket on the backhand side to keep valuables such as a key or dollar bills.


The L/XL sized gloves fit very comfortably immediately on my average sized man hands. The S/M sized gloves had a similar effect on my wife’s typical sized woman hands. After running them through the wash and dryer, the fabric softened even more, especially the terry surface on the thumb. Although the gloves shrunk a tad, the elastic material made for an improved snug-like feel. On runs, the gloves had just enough material to make my hands feel dexterous and light. As the temperatures warmed into the 50s, my hands started to feel overcooked, and it was time to shed the gloves.

Final Verdict

The ASICS Unisex Thermopolis gloves will surely provide you comfort and warmth on cold weather runs especially in frost like temperatures. They are also very stylish. I found myself wearing them on runs, walks, pretty much in the everyday cold weather. In this sense, they offer outstanding versatility. My only gripe occurred when I needed to shed the gloves in the middle of a run due to rising temperatures. I had no easy way to store them off my hands while still running. I’d like to see them add some kind of clip that can easily hook on to the back of running shorts or sweats.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to ASICS for providing product for this review.