First Impressions

The Adidas Supernova Sequence remain a perennial favorite around GearGuide. Some have been wearing them since the first generation offering. We’ve always been happy with the fit, performance and durability. The newest version – the Supernova Sequence 5 – ups the ante with a number of changes over the 4th generation (reviewed here). Out of the box? Like the older product, the Supernova Sequence 5 has a great look. This version has a grey upper with teal and bright blue accents. The look remains fresh and updated without being too flashy. Again, a winner!


Switching from the Supernova Sequence 4 to the new 5 was pretty seamless. I continue to enjoy a shoe with a softer, more cushioned ride. And while the Supernova Sequence 5 has the cushioning I like, the first thing I noticed was that it’s a touch stiffer than its predecessor.

The forefoot is still made of Adidas’ adiPrene + which provides a cushioned ride without being overly soft. It feels great on the ball of my foot, but still feel like I have great contact with the pavement. The adiPrene+ has the same staying power in the new shoe as the old. Over several months of running, the cushioning has not lessened. The shoe’s weight feels good at just over 10 ounces per shoe. And the upper is a cool mesh that lets lots of air in to keep feet at a comfortable temperature.

Weight: 21 oz. per pair (women’s 9)
Drop: 11 mm
Materials: Polyester mesh and synthetic textile uppers, silicone-based cushioning, rubber outsole

The Continental rubber sole does have a great feel on the pavement and other surfaces. I felt like I have plenty of flex whether on a flat, predictable surface or something more rugged. Unfortunately, Adidas eliminated the great woven laces from the Supernova Sequence 4 and gone back to a more traditional smooth product. Too bad, I really liked the lock-in-place feel of those laces.


Adidas shoes typically fit my feet well and the Sequence improves on things. The second major thing I notice about the Supernova Sequence 5 over its predecessor is the heel width. It’s narrower still than the Supernova Sequence 4. I was concerned it was too constricting at first, but found that not to be the case at all. Instead the new heel held my foot firmly in place and improves on the already great fit. The toe box is wide enough to accommodate my forefoot.

Final Verdict

Another great step forward for Adidas. The Supernova Sequence 5 delivers new winning color combos that look current without overly flashy. The cushioning and comfortable ride gets a little more stiffness, and the fit tightens up in the heel. Overall, the Supernova Sequence 5 is a solid update on an already great shoe.

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