Holy atomic pile, Batman! The guys at Serfas have a heaping lineup of killer shades these days. All optimized for cycling. Most with multiple interchangeable lenses. And many at or under $60 per pair. Over the past month or so, we had the chance to try a whole range of Serfas shades and rode, ran and walked away pretty impressed. Here’s some highlights:

Serfas Pike Interchangeable Lens Sunglasses

Despite the full size of the shield, the Pike is lightweight. The frames are sturdy and flexible to allow for fairly easy lens change. There are four sets of interchangeable lenses. The changing instructions are well diagrammed and become routine in short order. The four lenses offer several options from clear to dark. The individual lenses fit securely within a soft divide-able compartment which tucks neatly in the hard case. The frames were especially comfortable without a helmet but lifted up with a brain bucket in place. With adjustments to the rubber temples, the Pike frames still pinched slightly with a helmet or regular brimmed hat. The vented lenses improved air flow, which was especially noticeable at higher speeds. And fogging never emerged as an issue on the polycarbonate lenses. Perhaps it was just the particulars of my head shape and helmet of choice, but comfort was only marginal out on the open road.
Final Verdict:

Serfas Assassin RX Compatible Sunglasses

Out of the box, these stylish frames are immediately enticing. The frame is especially flexible and very comfortable with and without a helmet. The interchangeable lenses offer a variety of selection to match your preference. My favorite was the mirrored blue. The prescription lens clip inserts right at the top of the bridge. Although the interchangeable polycarbonate lenses easily pop in and out, the prescription insert remains firmly in place. As a result, once the Assassin was converted to prescription, there was no easy switch back. With one of the sets of lenses in place, the rubber prescription insert rests securely against the lens offering a sharp visual field. There’s no getting around the extra weight of the prescription insert especially if your modus of exercise is running. As an added bonus, even with none of the provided lenses in place, the prescription insert alone served as a cool backup pair of glasses. With a MSRP of $60, these are a great pair of sunglasses! Add in the approximately $100 I paid the optometrist for the prescription insert, and I love them for everyday wear and cycling.
Final Verdict:

Serfas Kamber Lite Photochromatic Sunglasses

Serfas Kamber Lite
The Kamber Lite are specifically designed for smaller faces (read women’s specific shades). The light pink color was attractive and stylish. With an adjustable nose piece, Kamber Lite was comfortable and the stiff frames very durable. They secured nicely to the head even during high activity levels. Airflow and fogging were never an issue. With penetrating sun at the higher elevation of Lake Tahoe, it was reassuring to know that the polycarbonate lenses were designed to block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. As compared to the tint of more traditional sunglasses, it’s necessary to note that the lens tint is very light and didn’t darken dramatically. At a MSRP of $40 though, these small sunglasses offer great quality, reliable durability, and an athletic look.
Final Verdict:

In addition to the above Serfas products, we also had the chance to checkout several others. The Dakota, which is similar in style and construction to the Pike, boasts a decidedly progressive and Terminator-like profile. Because of their metal frame, they’re heavier than most other Serfas shades. The Gladiator is built from polycarbonate and has a hefty temple that we liked for its ability to block sunlight penetrating at the sides. And finally, the Proto did its thing for us too. It’s a slightly more streamlined design than the Gladiator and fits well under a lid.

As mentioned, most of these sunglasses come with three or four sets of lenses, or with photochromatic lenses. And that less-than-$60 MSRP just might make them best bargains available in cycling eyewear. Find them at Amazon.

By the way, if you were wondering, “Holy atomic pile, Batman!” did indeed appear in an episode from the classic 1960s series.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Serfas for providing product for this review.