First Impressions

A very large box arrived a few months ago from the folks at Serfas. Inside was something the likes of which I’d never really seen before — an aluminum floor pump that looked  more sculptural than practical. A beautiful piece of metal for sure, with an almost iridescent sheen, taught lines and bold curves. Easily the most gorgeous product of its type. But was it more than a pretty face?


The short answer is “absolutely.” For the most part, the FMP-969 is machined from aluminum. The base looks stamped but sturdy. The main tube is extruded and the handle, hose clamps and other parts are machined from single blocks of metal by highly sophisticated computer numerically controlled systems that deliver high degrees of precision. The result is a rugged, yet relatively light weight product capable of handling just about any inflation task — from your road bike to mountain. Adjusting from Presta to Schrader doesn’t require fumbling with separate adapters. Instead, you simply spin the valve screw to select one or the other. Very nicely done.

Height: 28 in
Weight: 3 lbs 9 oz
Construction: Aluminum

The hose runs a lengthy 54 inches. In keeping with the overall look of the FMP-969, the company builds that piece from braided stainless steel coated in clear rubber for flexibility. The hose arcs over the handle and connects at the base to keep everything wrapped and easily transportable. Another nice touch.

The pressure gauge is three-inches in diameter and easily readable from a standing position. It features both Bar and PSI ratings up to 16 and 240, respectively. I never approached those thresholds but running up to mountain biking pressure targets was easy and required very little effort. There’s also a handing rotating bezel on the gauge for marking your target pressure. Pretty sweet.


The FMP-969 stands taller than most floor pumps at roughly 28-inches high. And it weighs in at over three pounds. It’s easy to cart around the garage. No complaints.

Final Verdict

At $120 MSRP, the Serfas FMP-969 is one of the more expensive floor pumps on the market. It’s also beautiful, rugged, capable of elegantly inflating any type of tire, and may just last a lifetime (in contrast to many of the other floor pumps I’ve used, and trashed, in the past). You owe it to yourself to check it out if you’re in the market. You will not be disappointed in the Serfas FMP-969.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Serfas for providing product for this review.