First Impressions

Mindshift Gear – which is part of the Think Tank family of brands – initially introduced a beast of a photo backpack called the rotation180 Professional. That nearly 40 liter monster is capable of handling a massive amount of gear including multiple DSLR bodies, lenses and everything else you need for shooting out-of-doors. It also introduced the line’s signature feature, the rotating belt pack. The Pro’s little brother is the Panorama. Our sample came with a bit more flourish than the Pro, boasting a bright two-tone blue and orange pallet.


Despite its more diminutive size – 17 vs. nearly 40 liters — the Panorama still packs a big punch. It includes the signature rotating belt pack, of course. It’s essentially a fanny pack that rides inside the bigger backpack, and holds hold your camera body and lenses you want within easy reach. When you’re ready, swing it around your waist and voila! Camera is but a zipper-pull away. It worked well and can be used independently of the pack.

Inside the belt pack there’s enough room for two to three lenses (one large zoom and a couple of primes), CSC body and more. Hook and loop pads allow for reconfiguration of the space.

Fabric: Nylon
Weight: 3 lbs

Besides the belt pack, the Panorama has two additional pockets. There’s a mid-size pocket on the top, large enough for a jacket and lunch. Inside, you’ll also find a nice stretch mesh pocket for smaller items. The second pocket is a small accessory version.

Other cool features include the built-in tripod holder and tall side pocket that can hold a small hydration bladder.


No bargain basement adjustments here, the Panorama has everything you’d expect in a premium pack. The shoulder straps have just the right weight and padding, and include a sternum strap and load lifters for a more custom fit. The belt (attached to the aforementioned belt pack) is equally beefy and comfortable.

Final Verdict

The Mindshift Gear rotation180 Panorama is one heck of a premium photo backpack. Although a touch larger than the LowePro Photo Sport 16L AW, it’s still sleek. And man is it clever. Gotta say, I like that rotating belt pack which all but eliminates the constant off-and-on of a typical photo backpack. Recommended.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Mindshift Gear for providing product for this review.