Quick Take Review

Some days you need a pant that’s just warm enough for a morning run. Other days you need a pant that’s comfortable for lounging. The Nike Stretch Woven Pant handles both tasks (okay, one of them isn’t so much a “task”) with ease and style. I received a pair as a gift recently and despite one not-so-short-coming, they’ve earned a solid spot in the GearGuide apparel rotation.

Nike makes the Stretch Woven Pant from a combination of polyester and spandex. The material gives the pant a very nice lightweight and easy stretch. The company includes a number of nicely thought-through features. Two zippered side-seam pockets are deep and allow for easily securing keys, wallets and other items during your activities. Additional zippers at the ankle allow for easy on and off without having to remove your shoes. And there’s an internal key pocket just in case.

Fabric: 86% Polyester/14% Spandex Taffeta
Fit: Relaxed

Missing from the Nike Stretch Woven Pant are a zippered rear wallet pocket, something that is becoming increasingly rare on running attire. We miss that feature around GearGuide HQ especially when transitioning from a workout to more casual pursuits around town. We loved it on the Brooks Essential Short, and would love to manufacturers to bring it back on their running and workout bottoms.

That brings me to the not-so-short-coming of the Nike Stretch Woven Pant we mentioned earlier. It is the lack of choice when it comes to inseam. We realize this is a big cost savings as it removes a major inventory management headache. But man, it would be great for a pant that retails for $70 to provide some options here. Granted, the Nike Stretch Woven Pant splits the difference decently with a 31.5-inch inseam. Some would say that makes this product neither betwixt nor between but we’d say it’s a reasonable compromise that’s better than most.

So where do we bottom out on the Nike Stretch Woven Pant? We like its stretch and comfortable feel. The relaxed fit provides sufficient room for running and comfort for those lounge days. We wish there were more granular sizing options and a rear pocket. Otherwise, the Nike Stretch Woven Pant is a home run. Find them at Amazon.

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