Quick Take Review

A few years ago, I discovered what I thought was the perfect running short. Not too long, not too short. Three great pockets including a zippered wallet-sized rear. Great fit and hard wearing. They were the Brooks Essential Shorts in a 7-inch length.

Fabric: Nylon
Weight: 6.125 oz
Length: available in either 5 or 7 inch

Dang, they were nice. Actually they still are nice. I own several pairs and run in them every week. The nylon fabric is soft. The fit relaxed. The internal liner – made out of something Brooks calls Equilibrium – is comfortable. They’re light weight at about six ounces. But the killer features, in my humble opinion, are the pockets.

Yes, the pockets. Actually one pocket in particular.

Often I find myself on the road these days. In a new city almost every week now for the past month or so. And when I’m running in those cities, I need to carry things. In particular, my ID, a credit card and sometimes even a little cash. Sure, I wear my Road ID all the time and that proxies pretty well for my driver’s license. But that credit card is essential.

Does it fit in the little key pocket inside the waistband of most shorts? No. Do I feel comfortable putting it in the hand pockets? No. That credit card needs to go somewhere safe and secure. It needs a pocket that’s large and secured by a zipper. And the Brooks Essential had that pocket. Exactly where you expected it to be, on the right rear and safely closed by said zipper. Absolutely perfect.

But alas, it now looks as if Brooks has discontinued that pocket. The Essential still has the two hand pockets. The Rogue has a small side pocket with zipper, as does the Sherpa. But none of the Brooks shorts seem to have preserved that coveted rear wallet-like pocket.
Please Brooks, please bring it back.

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