Quick Take Review

In our book, there are really four types of food ideas. We got your good ones and your bad ones. And then there’s the good ones poorly executed and the bad ones well executed. Unfortunately, Halfpops fall in this latter category. We say this for a couple of reasons.

Let’s start with a little description. Halfpops are tiny partially popped popcorn kernals. The photo on the package makes them look about the size of a corn nut. Reality is much different. Out of the package, Halfpops look pretty small about half the size of what’s depicted in the photo. They measure around a quarter inch in diameter. And these dudes also look more unpopped than popped. The equivalent of what we used to call “old maids.”

Ingredients: Non-GMO popcorn, canola oil, flavorings
Weight: 2 oz
Calories: 260 per bag (2 servings)

The manufacturer coats their little kernels with several different flavorings. Butter and sea salt, caramel and sea salt, aged white cheddar and chipotle barbeque are your options. Our testers – fans of popcorn and flavor combos like caramel and sea salt – found the Halfpops lacking in intensity. Mouth feel was also disappointing. These less-than-bite-sized treats crunch in one chew to popcorn dust.

Here’s the well-executed part. Halfpop tries to make these modestly healthy. They use no artificial flavors, no hydrogenated oils, no preservatives. The company points out that Halfpops are gluten free and nut free too. I guess you should expect that from something made from corn. But these days, you can never be too clear with your marketing message. Nutritionally, however, Halfpops seem to bring nothing to the table. A single one-ounce serving is 130 calories. Anywhere from 40-50 calories are from fat, depending on the flavor.

So for our money, we’d snack elsewhere. Buy a decent brand of popcorn (skip the prepackaged microwavable options please) and pop some at home.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to Halfpop for providing a sample for this review.