Quick Take Review

The temperature hangs at 37 degrees at this writing. Cold enough to postpone that morning run. Or at least reach for a few more insulating layers. One choice around GearGuide HQ remains the purpose-built running glove. And Nike product recently made its way into the gear locker. Like most Nike products these days, it comes with one heck of a name — the Nike Therma-Fit Elite 2.0. Impressive, right? Well, this running glove certainly looks elite. Fancy stripe and waffling across the back of the hand and much more. We had to give them a try.

The Nike Therma-Fit Elite 2.0 looks rugged and it is. Nike builds the glove out of a heavier-weight fabric than most comparable running gloves. The material is mostly polyester and spandex for moisture wicking and stretch. Nike adds a few features that further differentiate these bad boys from others on the market. There’s silicone grippers on the the second and third fingers, conductive thumb that works quite well on mobile devices, fleece across the back of the hand to wipe the sweat away along with the aforementioned reflective stripes, logo and thermal waffling. Pretty darn nice.

Material: Polyester, spandex, polyurethane
Features: Articulated fingers, conductive thumb, silicone grip

Taking the Nike Therma-Fit Elite 2.0 gloves out on the road was a pleasure. They run a touch small, so we went up to a size large. They fit perfectly. Not too tight or loose. The level of warmth and comfort was exceptional. Function was good too. We often find it tough to open doors with the slick fabric-only fingers and palms of most gloves. The silicone grippers on the Nike Therma-Fit Elites held onto door handles easily, no slip sliding around. Fleece did its job of controlling sweat. And as mentioned before, the thumb had no trouble controlling our mobile phone.

Well done Nike. We now have a replacement for our old standbys. About $25. Available at Amazon.

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