First Impressions

Hey, the UPS and Fedex guys make regular stops at GearGuide HQ. They drop outdoor gear for men, women and children – everything from bikes and helmets, bags and tents, rods and reels, you name it. And we’re no strangers to the likes of Amazon Prime and other services that add convenience to our lives outside the office. One important individual on our roster has never received a delivery unfortunately. That is until now. Her name is Mathilda and a few weeks ago she received her first BarkChef delivery in a perfectly pink box.


BarkChef is one of the growing number of tailored subscription services providing specific products for specific purposes. They’re just about everywhere delivering clothing, meals, shaving kits, and the like. Big businesses, I hear. On the pet food front, BarkChef is looking to make its mark with food devoid of fillers, portioned for specific-sized dogs, aimed to fight canine obesity and simplify the lives of dog owners on the go.

Monthly Delivery Includes:
Individually packaged meals

The BarkChef process works like this: visit, fill out a form that includes information on your canine — breed, sex, age, size, temperament, food preferences, etc. Put in your address and credit card and wait for your free delivery of a month’s worth of meals.

Our sample package came with two types of biscuit treats, jerky, dry food (individually packaged for portion control), a toy and bandana. In addition, BarkChef includes information on how to effectively transition your pup from her current food to the new BarkChef offering (a multi-step process that should minimize canine digestive issues).


Mathilda was thrilled with her package. Lots of interest in the toy and the jerky treats (these are her favorites). Her interested waned in the biscuits after the initial sample. Oh well, biscuits tend to get the brush off regardless of brand. The bandana design was cute enough, but the fabric was that cheap cloth you often see on items meant to be disposable. The individual serving size packages for BarkChef kibble looked perfectly proportioned. But because they’re packaged in plastic, they tend to be less environmentally friendly just like bottled water.

Final Verdict

We love dogs at GearGuide. And we especially love our Mathilda. Did she love the BarkChef products? The jerky and toy were definitely hits. The food was well proportioned for a dog of her size and activity level. Did she prefer it to her normal brand? Hard to tell. Did we like the convenience? Sure. It was priced competitively to her regular chow. And it arrived on our doorstep for free. If you’re looking for a good quality offering for your pup, give BarkChef a try.

Thanks for reading another outdoor gear review from GearGuide. And thanks to BarkChef for providing a sample for this outdoor gear review.