North Face Nimble Shirt Review

By  •  Skiing, Hike, Apparel

The Nimble is definitely not your father’s golf wind shirt. It’s way more versatile. I’ve worn it traveling, on early morning runs, hiking, even on those rare visits to the golf course.
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Angler Buff Review

By  •  Apparel, Camp, Fly Fish

For years, I’ve been carrying a bandana (or tying one around my neck) when skiing. Never know when you’re going to need one to clean your sunglasses or goggles. I never bothered to do anything similar in the summer time until this year when I picked up a Buff at one of my local fly shops
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GSI Stemless Wineglass Review

By  •  Hike, Camp

The GSI glasses are pretty much indestructible made out of a plastic that’s BPA free. They’ve gotten a workout on several camping trips so far this season. They’re nice, but could be larger and have a more traditional shape.
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Camelbak Day Star and Mini Mule Review

By  •  Camp, Travel, Hike

One of my favorite pieces of hiking gear is one I resisted for quite some time. Isn’t that always the way? What did I resist and then love? The Camelbak.
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Cloudveil Koven Plus Jacket Review
12 years ago

Cloudveil Koven Plus Jacket Review

By  •  Hike, Apparel, Camp

Out of the box, the Cloudveil Koven Plus definitely is a class act. I buy that it’s great for alpine use and backcountry camping but its so lightweight that it makes me question its real suitability for hardcore skiing and snowboarding.
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REI Traverse 30 Daypack Review

By  •  Skiing, Camp, Travel

Out of the box, the Traverse 30 presents solid, somewhat minimalist construction. It’s a low profile design that I like quite a bit. Oh, and it comes in one of my favorite color combinations, dark gray and yellow-orange.

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