First Impressions

Over the past couple of years, we reviewed a number of different Tifosi products. The Dolomite, the Dea, the Lore, and the Slip to name a few. We always walk away impressed from those tests. Tifosi provides exceptional value and delivers versatility by including as many as three different lenses with each pair of sunglasses. Pretty darn sweet. And our latest pair of Tifosi’s — the new Tyrant 2.0 — didn’t disappoint.


Tifosi offers the Tyrant 2.0 in 21 different variations. The frames come in matte black and gloss, matte white and gloss, metallic red, gun metal, iron, and a black/white and white/black combination. Lenses including Tifosi’s Fototec and polarized options along with AC red for high contrast, more traditional smoke, clear and a range of hydrophobic styles. We opted for the matte black frames that come with the AC red, clear and smoke lenses.

Swapping the lenses proved very easy. Just grab the lens near the nose piece and pull down. That allows the lens to snap out and away. From there, insert the new lens. It snaps in solidly and securely. We’ve been fans to the AC red and high speed red Fototec Tifosi lenses since we tried the Slip back a year or so now. Those lenses definitely increase contrast and provide a great option for running, cycling and even driven in the twilight hours.

Frame: Impact resistant plastic (Grilamid TR-90)
Lens: Polycarbonate
Fit: Medium, small
Weight: less than 1 oz

In addition to the interchangeable lenses, the Tifosi Tyrant 2.0’s offer an adjustable nose pad to help further customize the glasses. The company also claims that the ear pads are adjustable too. Honestly haven’t figured that out — the seem far too stiff to actually tweak — so I leave them alone.

Also in the box is a microfiber pouch and hard case that stores the glasses and lenses. Nice touch you don’t see from every manufacturer.


Excellent. The Tyrant 2.0s were designed to fit medium to small faces and fit very well.

Final Verdict

Love ‘em. Styling is aggressive. The lenses perform as expected. The Tifosi Tyrant 2.0s deliver comfort and the versatility and value we’ve come to expect from the company.